Courses in partnership with the Center for Anglican Learning and Leadership

Below you'll find courses that we share in partnership with the Church Divinity School of the Pacific (CDSP).  

Those in formation for Holy orders should register via ECMN BY AUGUST 15 at this link:

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All others are welcome to register for these courses, along with all the other offerings by CALL. Tuition for these courses is $230. Register directly with CALL here. If you'd like to take one of these courses and the tuition is a barrier to your participation, please reach out to

2022.09A/D: The Diaconate | September 12 - October 31, 2022

Deacon in white alb and stole reading the Gospel

The Diaconate is an online course for deacons, deacons in formation, and those wishing to be better grounded in a sound understanding of The Sacred Order of Deacons including especially, members of local discernment committees and members of Commissions on Ministry.

The course will consider the history of the Order of Deacons—what is helpful and what is not; the ecclesiology of orders, the distinctive experience of the diaconate in The Episcopal Church, how and why deacons engage in ministry and leadership, and finally, a brief look at the diaconate seen ecumenically. 

2022.09A/P: Church History: Anglican Identity | September 12 - October 31, 2022

Books of Common Prayer on a bookshelf  Text: Church History: Anglican Identity, from the Center for Anglican Learning and Lead

Church History: Anglican Identity introduces learners to the history and culture of churches that call themselves Anglican or Episcopal – our origins, our evolution, our contentions and our commonalities. Particularly, we will examine Anglican approaches to the church, mission, spirituality, worship, ordained ministry, human being, ecumenism and realignment. This course will equip you with a grasp of how an Anglican identity distinguishes us from and binds us to other forms of Christianity. The course will give you a head-start in other Episcopal Church-related courses.

Instructor: Dr. Bradley Peterson

2022.09C: Episcopal Canons and Polity | September 12 - October 31, 2022

Picture at sunset with a sign post pointing in multiple directions

This seven-week online course will focus broadly on the canons and polity of the Episcopal Church. Using case studies, participants will work to understand how Episcopal communities share decision-making authority, address conflict and misconduct, and understand our common life. 
Those in formation for Holy Orders are required to take both this course AND the separate, one-day workshop focusing on Title IV.