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Online: April 22 – June 10, 2019
In Person: May 4, 2019 at the Episcopal House of Prayer, Collegeville

All good liturgy is deeply theological and deeply pastoral. This course focuses on liturgy at life’s seams and disruptions, including confirmation, marriage, childbirth, praying with the sick, confession, burial, and times of crisis, looking at both pastoral and theological aspects of these liturgies. Alongside this, we will spend time looking at liturgical space, and becoming familiar with the prayer book. This seven week online course will focus on constructing and leading these services wisely and well. The course is open to anyone – lay, ordained, or discerning/training for orders. The bulk of the work will take place online through Moodle posts; we will also meet in person on May 4th. Prepare to come away feeling more familiar with these services and confident in leading them and being with people during these crucial times in life!

Instructor: Jason Fout, Associate Professor of Anglican Theology at Bexley+Seabury.